Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank is giving out payroll lending to Federal Civil servants

Do you know you can get instant loans as a Federal Civil Servant? We can never explain the pain of having urgent financial needs and the unending anticipation for your monthly salary in full words.

If you’re looking for fast loans to offset your child’s school fees, pay your rent, settle unpaid medical bills, fund your business or take care of project expenses, then Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank Limited is your go-to Financial Institution.

Being a Federal Civil Servant affords you a lot of advantages; and instant loans from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank is one of them. With Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank Payroll Loan Scheme known as “Mutual Trust 10hrs Prompt Cash”, all Federal Civil Servants can access quick loans without putting a big dent in their monthly income.

The best part of it all, NO COLLATERAL is required. Yes! You read that correctly; you don’t need a collateral to access a loan from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank Limited. Get your cash in any bank account of your choice in 10 hours or less.

You might want to ask – “How do I access this loan and what are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible, you need to fulfill these requirements:

1. Be a Federal Civil Servant
2. Have your work place ID Card or Employment Letter
3. A recent passport (not less than 6 months old)
4. Your most recent pay slip.

Do you have all these requirements checked? Then accessing the payroll loan from Mutual Trust Micro finance Bank is easy.

Access instant loans today from Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank today. Visit Or call any of our customer care lines on 08070199959 and 08070199960 to get started.

We are your heroes in meeting & exceeding your financial requirements promptly. 

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